Every child deserves a chance. A chance to grow and thrive. A chance to contribute to his community and to society. Through counseling, education, and job training Oak Hill House provides the support, guidance, and direction that is sometimes missing in a young man's life. We ask for your help in these efforts.

Our Challenge

Adolescent young men in urban and rural America face dismal prospects. Poverty, crime, drugs, and above all- disrupted families pose nearly insurmountable obstacles to success.  All too often these young Americans enter the juvenile justice or social service systems.  Absent interventions to stabilize their lives and restore their sense of self, these young men may enter a cycle of frustration, anger, and further alienation from society.  Oak Hill House exists to change that.

Our Vision

To insure that youth and families referred by juvenile agencies in Maryland receive the highest level of therapeutic compassion, empathy, professionalism and respect necessary for fostering healthy outcomes with the ultimate goal of successful family reunification and social reintegration

Our Role

To provide safe, supportive, stability for our clients and their families using innovative, humane, and highly individualized strategies which promote change in the context of our home-like atmosphere using least restrictive techniques including an on-grounds school to eliminate barriers to education

Our Mission

To remain a strong, viable option for referral agencies, youth and families in need of care by inspiring hope while building character and teaching skills, values, confidence, and respect necessary for countering challenges of each youth’s personal and societal demands

Our Ultimate Goal

To see previously troubled young men restored to supportive family environments, equipped with the personal, educational, emotional, and professional resources they need to achieve successful reintegration as productive contributors to a strong American society.


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